HL7 FHIR JP Core ImplementationGuide
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Example Procedure: JP Core Procedure Example 処置(抜糸)

Generated Narrative: Procedure

Resource Procedure "jp-procedure-example-1"

Profile: JP Core Procedure Profile

status: in-progress

category: 創傷処置 (JP Core Procedure Category CodeSystem#JPPCC004 "外科的処置")

code: 創傷処置(100cm2未満) (JP_ProcedureCodesMedical_CS#140000610)

subject: Patient/jp-patient-example-1: 山田 太郎 " 山田"

performed: 2022-08-03

bodySite: 前額部 ()

outcome: 成功 (JP Core Procedure Outcome CodeSystem#JPPOC001)

followUp: 縫合糸の除去 ()