HL7 FHIR JP Core ImplementationGuide
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Example Condition: JP Core Condition Example 病名(直腸癌)

Generated Narrative: Condition

Resource Condition "jp-condition-example-1"

Profile: JP Core Condition Profile

clinicalStatus: Active (Condition Clinical Status Codes#active)

verificationStatus: Confirmed (ConditionVerificationStatus#confirmed)

category: Problem List Item (Condition Category Codes#problem-list-item)

severity: 中度 (JP_ConditionSeverity_CS#MO)

code: KRAS野生型の転移性結腸直腸癌 ()

bodySite: 結腸直腸 ()

subject: Patient/jp-patient-example-1: 山田 太郎 " 山田"

onset: 52 years (Details: UCUM code a = 'a')

recordedDate: 2022-08-01


*下血 ()